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Happy Memorial Day!

Monday, May 27th, 2013

Every year on the final Monday of May, citizens of America come together to honor those who have served our country. Formerly known as Decoration Day, Memorial Day came to prominence after the American Civil War to commemorate the fallen soldiers on either side. Although its origins are somewhat ambiguous, it has always been about bringing people together to recognize our country’s military personnel and history. We want to take this opportunity to thank all the men and women who have served our county.

Memorial Day also marks the beginning of summer. We hope that you have a wonderful day off, and that it is a great start to your summer!

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Arlington, VA Air Conditioning Question: Why is My Air Conditioner Blowing Warm Air?

Tuesday, May 21st, 2013

The effectiveness and efficiency of your air conditioning system are of paramount importance during the summer months. With professional installation and routine maintenance, you can ensure that your AC works well for the years to come. But eventually due to general wear and tear and the strain and stress of the summer heat, your AC may need professional repair. One common problem that you may face during the service life of your AC occurs when your air conditioner blows warm air.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why this could happen:

  • Low refrigerant: The refrigerant that circulates through your coils and components is chemically designed to produce radical fluctuations of temperature under different pressure conditions. This allows it to be an effective conductor of thermal energy, thus enabling it to efficiently remove the heat from your home as well as cool your home with conditioned air. However, if the level of refrigerant in your AC is low, then it cannot work efficiently or effectively. The most common cause for this is a leak, which should be repaired before your system can be recharged.
  • Dirty condenser coils: If your outdoor condenser coils are caked in dust and debris, then they cannot perform their essential function of dissipating heat into the outdoor air. Because of their location, they are subject to higher levels of debris than your indoor coils. Your AC should be professionally maintained on a regular basis to ensure that your condenser is safely cleaned.
  • Overheated compressor: Your compressor is the engine of the AC, and as such, it undergoes a lot of wear and tear, especially during the summer months. If there are airflow or low refrigerant issues, then your compressor may overheat, and not be able to work as effectively.

The cause of the warm air in your home needs to be diagnosed in person by a qualified technician. Call OASIS Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc. today for comprehensive Arlington, VA air conditioning services. 

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Fairfax, VA Air Conditioing Guide: What to Do if Your Air Conditioning Makes Strange Sounds

Friday, May 17th, 2013

Do you hear a subtle hissing sound coming from your outdoor unit? Or perhaps a banging noise from your indoor air handler? If you’re unsure what do if your AC is making a strange sound, then you need only get in touch with your local Fairfax, VA air conditioning technician. AC’s are complicated machines, full of various electrical and mechanical systems and a wide variety of components. There are numerous things that can go wrong with your air conditioner, no matter what type or brand it is. In this post, we’d like to share with some explanation about what these sounds can indicate. While you should expect a certain amount of sound from your AC during operation, unusual or loud sounds that suddenly arise should be taken as an indication that something’s not right. Call OASIS Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc. today for comprehensive air conditioning repair services.

  • Hissing: If you notice a hissing sound around your ductwork, then there’s probably an air leak in your ductwork somewhere. This will probably have to be professionally sealed in order to restore your lost energy efficiency and cooling performance. But if you hear hissing around your coils or compressor, then it could mean you have a refrigerant leak. This can cause serious problems with the operation of your AC, including compressor overheating.
  • Banging: If it sounds like there is a banging sound coming from your AC, there might be a loose part knocking around inside the system. Alternatively, there could be a damaged fan blade that is banging against another part of the system. This is probably causing significant damage to the interior of your AC unit, so you should get it fixed as soon as possible.
  • Grinding: This is a disturbing mechanical sound that may indicate a serious issue. Turn off your AC and call for professional repair. The bearings in your blower motor may have dried out, and further operation may cause serious damage.

We hope this gives you some idea about what sounds can mean for the operation of your air conditioner. Call OASIS Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc. today for air conditioning repair services in Fairfax, VA.

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Alexandria, VA Air Conditioning Tip: How Air Conditioning Maintenance Protects Your Comfort and Your AC

Monday, May 6th, 2013

If you’re on the fence regarding the benefits of an air conditioning maintenance agreement, then we’d like to explain to you how it not only benefits you, but also protects your comfort and that of your AC. While a quality installation is critical to reliable cooling, your new AC will rapidly depreciate if it is not kept in solid working shape with routine maintenance. We’ve broken this down into the 3 major aspects of a professional maintenance visit: inspection, cleaning, and tune-up. Call OASIS Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc. for Alexandria, VA air conditioning services !

  • Inspection: Your AC technician has been trained in the science of cooling: how it works, how it doesn’t work, and how the various components and processes cooperate to give you comfort in your home. Because of the system’s complexity, and how hard it works during the cooling season, various parts need to be professionally inspected. Electrical wiring and connections, condensate drain pump, compressor contactors, air filters, fan belts, coils, and refrigerant levels all need to be checked to make sure they’re working properly. This comprehensive system check-up is key to maintaining the effectiveness and efficiency of your AC.
  • Cleaning: The next step is of course ensuring that the parts of your system are clean. During the inspection process, your tech will have noted any parts that are in need of cleaning, especially the condenser and evaporator coils, the air filter, and the condensate drain pan. Without a clean system, your AC will simply not be able to keep up with the heat and humidity. Dirt, dust, and other debris accumulate within sensitive mechanical parts and this can also lead to premature failure.
  • Tune-up: The AC tech will check to make sure that all parts of the system are adequately tuned-up. The voltage and amp draw of the compressor need to be checked so that your AC has a steady power supply. Also, if your refrigerant level is low, then your AC may need to be recharged. Low refrigerant can cause energy inefficiency and inadequate cooling.

If you’re still unsure about the protection that a routine maintenance plan can offer your home comfort, then contact an Alexandria, VA air conditioning professional at OASIS Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc. to learn more. Call us today! 

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