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What Clicking Noises from Your A/C May Mean

Monday, April 14th, 2014

Generally speaking, any unusual sound coming from your air conditioning system is cause for concern. If you hear any noises that you aren’t accustomed to, even if they don’t seem to be affecting the performance of the air conditioner, turn the unit off and contact a qualified repair technician immediately. Here in Fairfax, VA, our air conditioning repair techs can handle the problem, though it helps if you the homeowner have some idea of what specific sounds are indicating. For example, you may hear a clicking noise when you start your system up or even after it turns off. Know what clicking noises from your A/C may mean can help you point the repairman in the right direction.

Sometimes a clicking noise can stem from fan blades that have been bent or are misaligned. Alternately, a stick or piece of detritus has gotten caught in the vent and the fan is clicking up against it. In these cases, the cause is obvious and the repair technician can either properly align the fan, or replace it with a new model.

More subtle clicking noises can be a part of the air conditioner’s normal operation. For example it could come from a relay or a contact performing as expected. In those cases, the clicking should stop shortly. If they repeat, however, it could mean a problem with your thermostat or compressor: turning the relays on and off repeatedly and increasing wear and tear in the bargain.  If you hear repeated clicking from your AC, you should call for repair. Possible electric problems should never be ignored.

Beyond knowing what clicking noises from your A/C may mean, a good repair technician needs to know how to correct it properly. That’s why you need trained professionals like the ones at OASIS Heating, A/C & Refrigeration to solve the issue. Call us today to make a Fairfax, VA air conditioning repair appointment!

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Why is My AC Running but Not Cooling?

Friday, April 4th, 2014

If you’re asking the question “why is my AC running but not cooling?” you likely have a significant problem on your hands. The good news is that such a problem is relatively common and can often be fixed by a qualified service tech. Here in Arlington VA, our air conditioning repair experts are ready to help, but you can take the first steps by understanding some of the potential causes of the problem. We’ve listed three of the biggest ones below:

  • Low refrigerant: Refrigerant is what allows your AC to cool your home, and it needs to stay at certain set levels in order to function like it should.  If a leak springs up, it can result in a lower level of cooling. You can spot the signs by checking the evaporator coil for frost. The build-up of ice on the coils acts as a further retardant for cooling your home, since it insulates the refrigerant from the air it’s intended to cool.
  • Faulty condenser fan: The condenser fan serves a vital function in the air conditioning process. Without it the refrigerant can’t undergo the transition it needs to and the cooling process will be extremely restricted. A trained technician can repair or replace the broken motor.
  • Electrical connections: An overloaded electrical component could create problems with the air conditioner without necessarily cutting off the flow of air. In order to check on the problem, shut off power to the whole AC unit from your circuit breaker, then turn it all back on again. If the issue persists, call a repair technician to assist.

If you’re asking yourself “Why is my AC running but not cooling?” then call upon the experts at OASIS Heating A/C & Refrigeration Inc. to help. We’re based in Arlington, VA, air conditioning repair services are our specialty, and we can point out the specifics of the problem before conducting thorough and professional repairs. Pick up the phone today and give us a call. You’ll be glad you did!

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