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UV Germicidal Lights Will Cut Down on Winter Illnesses

Do you want to avoid getting sick during the winter? Of course you do. And there a number of ways to increase your chances of staying hale and healthy through the season. One you may not have considered is to call professionals to install a special kind of air cleaner into your HVAC system: UV germicidal lights (also known as UV air purifiers).

Why UV Germicidal Lights Are a Health Helper

The operation of UV germicidal lights is straightforward. The lights are installed into the HVAC system in an area where all the air that flows through the ductworks must pass. This is usually near the evaporator coil of the AC or heat pump (a spot where mold can develop during the humid summer). The lights bathe the area in ultraviolet radiation. The UV wavelengths are deadly to organic material, as they interferes with basic cellular functions that either kill the cells outright or make them unable to reproduce and therefore inert.

This type of ultraviolet irradiation effectively destroys the microbes, viruses, and other organic contaminants that lead to numerous illnesses. It will also destroy toxic mold spores. Thanks to UV germicidal lights, your household can expect to enjoy a much healthier winter. The lights require little maintenance, and aside from better health, you won’t even know that they’re at work.

If you have worries that the UV lights might be harmful to people in your house, we can assure you that there’s no danger. Although ultraviolet irradiation is harmful to organic tissue, the low power level of the lamps means they’re essentially harmless to people and pets. Your professional installer will have them well hidden in the ducts anyway.

Should you encounter trouble with your UV germicidal lights, you can also rely on our team for the repairs that will get them working again.

To arrange for UV germicidal light installation or repairs, simply contact Oasis Heating, A/C & Refrigeration. We service Fairfax and all of Northern Virginia.

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