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The heat pump offers homes many benefits, such as working as a heater/AC and using less power in heating mode than other types of electric heating systems. But heat pumps can suffer efficiency problems during extremely cold weather. This is because a heat pump must draw thermal energy from outdoors and transport it indoors—and when the weather is in a deep chill, this becomes more difficult.

There’s an option to deal with this, however: the installation of a hybrid heating system. Our heating experts at Oasis Heating, A/C & Refrigeration want to help you find solutions designed to create an efficient, all-in-one comfort option for your whole home. Because of the specific design of hybrid heating systems, it is important to have a certified contractor to provide installation, maintenance and repair for any type of hybrid heating system. In Springfield, VA and throughout Northern Virginia, you’ll find the experts for the work when you call us.

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What Is a Hybrid Heating System?

Hybrid heating systems, also known as dual fuel heat pumps, are a type of heat pump that uses a back–up heating system. In most cases, this secondary heater is a furnace running from natural gas or LP (liquid propane). 

If the temperatures outdoor drops below the point where it will force the heat pump to work harder than normal, which is known as the economic balance point, then the hybrid system will activate the secondary heater to make–up the difference. This heater will only run as long as necessary to maintain comfortable conditions.

Should You Have Hybrid Heating Installation?

This depends on your home. The technology behind heat pumps increases with each year, so there are models that can handle extremely cold temperatures without suffering a severe drop in energy efficiency. But there are still situations where going with a hybrid heater to deal with winter conditions is a smart idea. To find out for certain if a dual fuel heating system is a good match for your home in Springfield, VA, contact our installers. They’ll use their training to find out what type of heater will serve your family best.

We Provide Hybrid Heating System Replacement

Along with installing dual fuel hybrid heating systems, we also offer comprehensive hybrid heating replacement services. When replacing just the outside unit of a heat pump system, a professional will take care to replace it with either the same model or another model that will work with the existing backup heater. The technician will also consult with you and advise you on whether it makes sense to replace the entire system or just the backup heater. Our technicians will ensure your hybrid heating system is installed to work as intended for the life of the equipment.

Hybrid Heating System Repair When You Need It

For hybrid heating system repair, call the expert technicians at Oasis Heating, A/C & Refrigeration to arrange for it. Hybrid heating systems require a bit more maintenance than many other heating systems. Because the components and parts are specially designed to work in tandem with each other, any repair or replacement part must be handled with the right industry knowledge. 

Call our HVAC experts for quality service in Springfield, VA. We offer installation, replacement, maintenance and 24/7 repair. Whether you want us to help you select a new model for your home, or you need an emergency repair for an existing hybrid heating system, we are here for you to meet your heating needs. Call any time for your next service.