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Air Conditioning and Heating Services in Fairfax, VA

Whether you suffer from allergens and you’d like to clean up your indoor air supply by means of a UV air purifier or HEPA air filter, or your existing heat pump has broken down, we’re just the company to call. Our residential and commercial HVAC experts offer incredible installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance services throughout the Fairfax area. We employ highly skilled and experienced technicians who take pride in what they do and strive for excellence every day.

Reach out to our friendly staff today for expert heating and cooling services in Fairfax.

Stay Cool with Our Comprehensive Air Conditioning Services

Most homeowners in our area have some kind of whole–house cooling system. It may be a central air unit that has kept you cool for decades, or a high–efficiency ductless heat pump. Whatever type it is, we can make certain that your air conditioner is taken care of before each cooling season begins. But truly exceptional care begins with professional air conditioning installation. We want to make certain that your air conditioner is installed correctly the first time. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation.

What’s Wrong with Your Heating System?

Every heater takes a beating over the years, from various dust, grit, and debris as well as wear and tear from operating it heavily during one season and then not at all for the rest of the year. It will therefore develop a number of problems, though many of these can be prevented with routine maintenance. Keep an eye out for a lack of even heat flow throughout your space (hot and cold spots), a sudden rise in energy consumption, or a strange noise. We offer exceptional heating repair for our clients so let us know what you need. Of course, we also install new furnaces, boilers, heat pumps and radiant heating systems.

We’ll See to Your Needs for Your Home’s Thermostats

When a thermostat starts to read temperatures incorrectly, or loses its connection to the air conditioner or heater, it can mean trouble for that pleasant indoor environment you wish to cultivate–and it also means much higher energy bills! We’re here to help with thermostat repairs. And we can do more than that: we install upgrades to newer models, such as programmable, "smart," and humidity control thermostats.

Furnace Services

Whether you’re in the market for a gas or electric furnace, or you find that your existing furnace is no longer functional, we are your furnace experts in this area. Let us make certain that your system is running smoothly at all times. Give us a call today to take advantage of all that we have to offer.

Never Hesitate When You Need Furnace Repair

The furnace that heats your home may need help from time to time. And you should never hesitate when you notice that it needs repair service: it can mean a loss of comfort, a spike in energy bills, and even safety worries. All you need to do is call our technicians–any time of the day or night–and they’ll be out to your home to restore your comfort.

Reasons to Consider a Heat Pump

The heat pump makes for a worthy choice when it comes to choosing a whole–house HVAC system. One of the most primary benefits of opting for a heat pump is that you can heat and cool your home with a single system. Another is that the heat pump offers outstanding energy efficiency, which is a great benefit for those looking to cut costs year–round. We are your heat pump specialists in this region. We are eager to take care of your every need, including heat pump installation, replacement, repair and maintenance.

For Great Heating Repair, We’re the Company to Call

Repairing malfunctioning residential heating systems isn’t a job for an ambitious but inexperienced and untrained technician. There is simply too much at riding on the outcome: your comfort, energy bills, and safety may all be placed in jeopardy because of shoddy fixes. Make the best choice for your next heating repair and call our team. We offer 24–hour emergency service for your convenience.

Let Us Take Care of Your Indoor Air Quality

It can be difficult to figure out just what’s wrong with your indoor air quality. It’s not as though there is a single measurement that can account for the combination of relative humidity, airborne contaminants such as dust, dander and other debris, as well as anything else that might negatively affect your air space. We offer a number of different solutions for our clients, including humidifiers, dehumidifiers, UV air purifiers, air filtration systems, and others, so give us a call today to learn more about what we can do for you.

Finding a High–Efficiency Water Heater

There are plenty of considerations when choosing a water heater. You’ll need to make sure that it’s powerful enough to supply hot water to your entire household, but also that it’s efficient enough to keep your bills low throughout the year, particularly during the winter. Let our technicians help. We offer outstanding water heater installation services throughout the region, and we will find you an appropriately sized and high–efficiency system. Contact our team today.

Commercial HVAC Services: What We Can Do for Your Business

If you find that your commercial heating or air conditioning system is not operating just as it ought to, then it may be time get in touch with our technicians. The truth of the matter is that yours will simply not function without routine maintenance. Your bills will be higher, the system will be prone to problems, and it will fail prematurely. We offer exceptional commercial HVAC maintenance, in addition to commercial heating and cooling installation, replacement and repair.

Call Oasis Heating, A/C & Refrigeration for Commercial Refrigeration Services

Please let us know immediately if you’re having any trouble with your existing ice machine, refrigerator, walk–in freezer, or cooler. Such systems should last a good long while when professionally installed, but they’ll also encounter various challenges depending on frequency of use, what type of inventory you carry, and so on. We can restore the effectiveness and efficiency of your refrigeration equipment. Simply reach out to our staff today to schedule a repair or maintenance service. Keep in mind, of course, that we also provide new commercial refrigeration equipment installations throughout Fairfax.

Make Use Your Choice for Commercial Refrigerator Repair

Is the refrigeration equipment at your business not working the way it should? No matter if it’s a walk–in cooler, an ice machine, or a freezer, trust that we can have it fixed right–the first time. We specialize in handling commercial refrigeration services for the area, and you can rely on the experience and training of our technicians to handle all of your repair needs.