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Our trained technicians are available to help you with zone control installation or repair. We are here any time of the day to take your call and respond to repair needs. We offer free estimates on replacements, and we can retrofit your heating and air conditioning system to run more efficiently with a zone control system.

While there are many ways to get more efficient heating and air conditioning for your home, zone control helps by providing more control over your indoor environment. While you want your home to be comfortable, it doesn’t mean you need to heat and cool every room of your home at all times. A zone control system will do allow you to control which rooms or "zones" the air is dispersed to. This room–to–room design could reduce the amount of energy your home uses while still ensuring the comfort of every member of your family.

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Zone Control Installation

When we install a new zone control system, we install dampers inside the ductwork for your central heating and AC system. This allows you to control the temperature in each zone. Each zone in your home will have its own thermostat so you can adjust the temperature individually. This is a tremendously useful feature for lowering energy costs and ensuring that every member of the household is equally comfortable. In addition, each thermostat in a zone control system can be programmable, allowing you to schedule when each zone will be heated or cooled.

Zone Control System Replacement

If you have an older forced air system and decide a zone control system is right for you, the replacement process is relatively simple. Ideally it is performed when a new furnace or heat pump is installed so if you are considering a new heating or AC system, think about whether or not zone control is a good fit. But zone control can still be retrofitted into an old system without much additional work. Some upgrades may be necessary for your ductwork, so make sure to talk with your technician in advance about what this might entail, especially if duct testing is necessary because of those upgrades.

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We offer installation, replacement, maintenance and repair. If you want a heating and cooling company that is known for its quality service and experienced technicians, you have come to the right place. At OASIS Heating, A/C & Refrigeration, Inc., we are standing by and ready to take your call. Start creating the perfect zone control system for your home. Call us today to get started.