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3 Ways to Keep Your Indoor Air Clean

Are you frustrated by the way that your air smells? An odd smell is one of the most common indicators that your indoor air should be evaluated, but it’s not the only one. In fact, indoor air quality is not so easily assessed by the senses alone, and it may take a professional evaluation to figure out what’s exactly in your air. Let’s take a look at three ways you can keep your indoor air clean! 

#1: Check Your Air Filter Regularly and Keep Your HVAC System Clean

The air filter (or air filters) in your HVAC system is designed with a very specific purpose: to protect the major components from debris. Yes, that’s right, even the smallest particles of dust, dander, and grime can lead to serious efficiency issues with your air conditioner. They could even lead to damage, which can result in further repairs, and so on. By keeping your air filter clean, you can prevent such issues, but you’ll also improve your air quality!

#2: Invest in a UV Air Purifier

If your home is being targeted by swarms of biological contaminants, such as bacteria, mold and mildew spores, and even viruses, then you need to find a solution that targets them. Enter the ultraviolet air purifier. This compact device uses UV light to eradicate such particles as they pass through your HVAC system.

#3: Consider a Whole-House Air Filtration System

Another approach would be an air filtration system that is integrated fully into your HVAC ductwork. While portable units have their use-value, they can’t compare to whole-house products in terms of the comprehensive way the latter capture particles. Your entire home’s air supply will be improved as a result. That said, it’s important to work with a professional, who can help you find a filter with the proper MERV rating. An overly strong filter may actually disrupt the cooling process.

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