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What Causes Leaks in My Water Heater?

Thursday, August 31st, 2017

If a water heater receives regular maintenance as well as repairs whenever they are required, it should serve a home for many years with a steady and sufficient supply of hot water. But eventually a water heater will run into problems, and one of the more common is water leaking from the tank or other connection points. The moment you see water pooling around the base of your water heater, call for a technician. The system will either need to be repaired, or in some cases, replaced entirely.

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The Role of Refrigerant in Your Air Conditioner

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

A common misunderstanding that people often have regarding air conditioning systems is that ice is used at some point in the process of cooling the air. This is why it’s easy to ignore the formation of ice along the evaporator coil—which is actually a sign of a major malfunction in the system that needs to be addressed.

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Getting More Out of Your Air Conditioning in Arlington, VA

Tuesday, August 29th, 2017

When it comes to air conditioning, Arlington, VA residents know the value of reliability. Our hot, muggy days  make cool comfortable air a necessity, and most of us prefer to get that air without breaking the bank in high monthly bills. You can do that by upgrading your older air conditioning to a new one, or you can do it by getting more out of your existing model. A trained expert can help you out.

Efficiency is the watchword in lowering your monthly energy bills without cutting down on the cool air you’re accustomed to. And efficiency starts with regular cleaning and maintenance. When dust and dirt build up on individual components, it affects their ability to function. Dust on the evaporator coils will impact its cooling ability, while build-up in the condensate drain can lead to water overflow in the pan. Wear and tear can take their toll as well, with old components struggling to perform their functions or flat-out breaking down in some cases. If you have a refrigerant leak, low refrigerant levels will cause issues with the cooling cycle. A regular maintenance plan can keep the unit clean and spot any potential problems before they become too large to handle without a serious service call.

You can help identify sources of trouble while they’re still small by noticing any changes in the performance of your air conditioning unit. If you sense that the air flow has dropped, if the air conditioner unit seems to stay on for longer periods of time, if the air isn’t as cool as it once was, or if you hear any unusual noises coming from the air conditioner, it may be time to call in a professional.

In particular, look for unusual spike in your monthly electric bill: as sure a sign as any that there could be an issue with your AC. If you live in Arlington, VA or any of the surrounding communities, call on the experts at OASIS Heating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, Inc. 

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Are Maintenance Contracts Worth the Money?

Thursday, August 24th, 2017

One of the questions we hear frequently from customers is if a maintenance contract for their HVAC system is actually worth the expenditure. The simple answer is, “absolutely!” But of course, there’s more to explain. We’ll tell you exactly how a maintenance contract will end up saving your money.

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Does Frayed Wiring Necessitate Air Conditioning Repair in Alexandria, VA?

Monday, August 21st, 2017

Frayed wiring can be a concern no matter where it appears, and usually requires the services of a trained professional to address. Have no doubts: frayed wiring definitely necessitates air conditioning repair, usually sooner rather than later.

A frayed wire can result from many conditions, ranging from normal wear and tear to friction created by a faulty connection. In the most benign cases, it can interfere with power to one of more components in the HVAC unit. In more serious cases, the frayed wire can result in a complete short, cutting power to the air conditioner entirely. The breaker switches in your home may cut off electrical power automatically in such cases to prevent further damage (or an electrical fire). The components of many air conditioning units carry emergency shut-off switches, which do much the same thing in the event of a major short.

It can be difficult to diagnose this type of problem, but a technician can usually do it by testing the wiring systematically and/or checking the component involved to see that it’s functioning effectively. If frayed wiring is the cause, he should be able to replace it with new wiring, and secure that it in place so that it doesn’t cause any further issues. Only a professional service tech should attempt such repairs; electricity is nothing to play around with. And the longer a frayed wiring is left in place, the greater the chance of a short, or of additional damage being caused.

You can call upon a trained Alexandria, VA air conditioning specialist to handle the issue instead of a general electrician. HVAC technicians understand the specific components involved, and can insure that the problem is not a part of the unit itself instead of just the wire. A general electrician can only deal with the wire itself. The experts at OASIS Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Inc. can help you with any air conditioning repair in Alexandria, VA. Call us today and set up an appointment.

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Common Heat Pump Repair Needs

Monday, August 21st, 2017

One of the great advantages of having a heat pump for your house—indeed, what many people would call the greatest advantage of a heat pump—is that it can work all year long keeping you comfortable, no matter the season. So as we come to the end of the summer and begin to move into the fall, you won’t have to worry about changing over from an air conditioner and prepping a heater that hasn’t operated in months. If you’ve kept your heat pump current with a regular maintenance plan, it should be ready for any weather.

Heat pumps can still experience the need for repairs, no matter how well-maintained they are. Here are some of the more common problems they can encounter that will require making a call to professionals. OASIS Heating, A/C & Refrigeration, Inc. is available 24 hours a day for heat pump repair in Arlington, VA. With our more than 15 years of experience, we are one of your best choices for heating and cooling services.

Heat pump repair needs you may encounter

  • Broken reversing valve: This is an issue that is specific to heat pumps; air conditioners do not contain a reversing valve. The valve controls the direction of flow of refrigerant through the system and toggles the heat pump between heating and cooling mode. Should the reversing valve fail, the heat pump will remain stuck in one mode. Repair technicians will need to remove and replace the broken valve.
  • Cleaning the condensate drain: Heat pumps have two sets of condensate drains, one for the indoor unit and one for the outdoor unit. Water condensation along the coils drips down into a pan and the drain removes the excess water into the plumbing system. Should the drain become clogged (algal growths are the usual culprit), water will start to overflow from the pan. Technicians will remove the pan from the drain and either clean out or replace the drain.
  • Thermostat recalibration: Even a small calibration problem with a thermostat can lead to the heat pump behaving strangely and failing to keep a house warm or cool. Homeowners often mistake this for repair needs within the heat pump, but trained repair technicians will track down the source to thermostat if it is the actual problem. Recalibrating the thermostat will often fix the problem, although sometimes more serious wiring repairs are necessary.

Heat pumps are complex appliances, and you should never try to troubleshoot malfunctions on your own. Only trust these repairs to trained experts in heating and air conditioning.

At OASIS Heating, A/C & Refrigeration, Inc., we’re proud to have NATE-certified technicians on staff to help you receive the best possible heat pump repair in Arlington, VA.

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As Summer Winds Down, Watch for These Potential Air Conditioning Problems

Thursday, August 17th, 2017

We hope that you’re enjoying the waning days of summer here in Northern Virginia. We also hope that you haven’t experienced any serious troubles with your home’s air conditioning system that might have interrupted the cool indoors you expect during this time of the year.

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Problems with Your Air Conditioner’s Compressor

Tuesday, August 15th, 2017

The end of summer is a period when you’ll still be running your air conditioner steadily but also have to deal with the immense amount of strain from the many months it’s been working. This is when you’re most likely to encounter AC malfunctions. The component in your air conditioner that has the highest chance of needing repair work is the compressor, which is at the core of the AC’s operation. Without the compressor, you don’t have a working air conditioner—period.

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Three Ways in Which Your Air Conditioning Installation in Arlington, VA Can Make it or Break it

Monday, August 14th, 2017

In Arlington, VA, we need our air conditioning systems to hold back the heat and humidity of summer. A reliable air conditioning system can keep your home a comfortable temperature no mate how high the mercury rises outside. That begins with the air conditioning installation process. A professionally installed AC unit will provide reliable, efficient service from the get-go. One that is poorly installed, on the other hand, will develop problems sooner rather than later. What should you look for when the time comes to install a new air conditioning? Here are three ways in which the process can make it or break it.

  • Placement: Placement of all aspects of a new air conditioning unit plays a key role in how efficiently it functions. A good installation expert will make sure the unit is placed where it has sufficient space and where nothing will block the airflow. He’ll ensure that its noise doesn’t carry such that it distracts you or your neighbors, and that the unit it is easy to access for service. He’ll won’t place ductwork in unconditioned spaces unless it is necessary, and he will set up the thermostat in a place that accurately gauges the temperature (i.e. away from windows, warm spots or other sources of heat).
  • Materials: Proper air conditioning installation uses top-notch materials to secure and fit the unit. Ducts, for instance, will be well-insulated if they’re placed in the attic, and sealed with duct mastic.
  • The Right Contractor: This is the simplest and yet perhaps the most important aspect of air conditioning installation. Does the technician double-check his work? Does he make sure all the bolts are secure, the fittings are in place, and the seals tight and well-maintained? Does he verify the level of refrigerant and ensure that it’s right for your model? Does he turn the AC on when he’s done and verify the air flow rate? A good professional will ensure that his work is done right the first time. The wrong contractor who might be operating as quickly as possible is apt to ignore some of those steps, which will increase wear-and-tear on you unit and create problems later on.

For top-notch air conditioning installation in Arlington, VA, contact the experts at OASIS Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc. We do the job right the first time, every time, and pride ourselves on professional work. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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Pollutants That Professionally Installed Air Filters Will Remove

Thursday, August 10th, 2017

Since indoor air quality is a major concern today in the country (the EPA estimates that the air inside a home is often 3 to 4 times worse than that outside) people are looking for an effective way to remove the many contaminants that may be floating around their air. There are many solutions to poor indoor air quality, but the most common is the installation of media air filters, which trap particles as they try to move through them. These filters use no electrical power, and if properly matched to the HVAC system by professionals they will not reduce air flow or place strain on the air conditioner or heater.

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