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Does My Water Heater Need Regular Maintenance?

We like to place special emphasis on routine maintenance for your air conditioning and heating systems. Right now, for example, is the time when you should schedule AC maintenance so the system is prepared to handle the rigors of the coming summer. In fall, you’ll arrange for maintenance for the heating system.

But what about your home’s water heater? Does it need maintenance as well? The answer to that is a strong yes. A water heater needs the same amount of maintenance as a heater or AC: every year. The season isn’t as important (water heaters work around the year) just as long as it’s done annually.

Why water heater maintenance is important

A water heater that doesn’t receive regular care will start to degrade rapidly. One of the major concerns is that the system will corrode because the anode rod rusts all the way through. The anode rod is a component that consists of two different metals that attracts corrosion to it rather than the water heater tank. Essentially, the anode rod “sacrifices” itself to corrosion so the rest of the tank won’t corrode. But the anode rod needs to be checked routinely and replaced when it corrodes, which is a key part of routine professional maintenance.

Regular maintenance also takes care of tank flushing, which is sometimes required to remove sediment that can enter through the municipal water supply. Too much sediment in the tank will make it harder for the heat exchanger to transfer heat to the water, and it can also increase water pressure. If necessary, technicians can also scrub the tank interior to remove build-up.

Another crucial part of routine maintenance is looking for places where leaks might be in danger of starting. If your water heater is a natural gas-powered system, maintenance will also check all the gas connections and the ignition to help keep the unit working safely.

If you haven’t had your water heater maintenance yet for this year, give Oasis Heating, A/C & Refrigeration a call! We offer water heater services to Alexandria, VA.

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