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Fall Is Here… Is It Time to Replace That Old Air Conditioner?

Now that we are moving into fall, we can expect to experience some relief from the very hot summer weather. The cold of winter still lies some distance away, and our air conditioners may need to do some more work until then, but it’s a good time to start thinking about whether your AC is in good enough shape to keep working for another few years… or if now is the ideal time to take advantage of the slower fall season and have it replaced.

Here are some factors for you to consider when you’re debating about replacing an old air conditioning system:

  • How old ­is it? –At what point does an air conditioner become too old? The average service life of a central AC is 10 to 15 years, so any time your system is more than 15 years old, you should replace it before it starts to suffer from the major effects of old age. If the AC is 12 years or more and struggled through the summer, you should also consider a replacement.
  • How are the electrical bills? – One of the surest signs that an air conditioner is struggling is when it costs more to run than it used to, and no amount of repairs does anything to reverse it. Have a technician look over the AC and give you professional advice on whether replacement is a wise option.
  • Are there new features you would like? – Sometimes an old air conditioner is simply outdated, and you would rather have a new system with features such as a variable speed fan and humidity controls. Perhaps you would prefer a heat pump for both heating and cooling. Or would you like to go with a ductless system? These are all possibilities for when you replace your current system.

Oasis Heating, A/C & Refrigeration is here to help you with air conditioning replacement in Fairfax, VA and throughout Northern Virginia.

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