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Here’s How Often You Should Change Your HVAC System’s Air Filter

Regular professional maintenance is a job you must schedule twice a year for your residential HVAC system: once in the spring for the air conditioner, and once more in fall for the heater. But between these times, there’s a key maintenance chore you need to take care of on your own, which is to change out the air filter on the AC/heat pump/furnace. If you neglect this task, the filter will rapidly become clogged and start to cut off airflow into the system. This will mean a drop in energy efficiency and possible repair troubles in the future. If left long enough, a clogged air filter can even shorten the lifespan of an HVAC system.

Replace the filter each month

The filter must be replaced each month when the HVAC system works on a regular basis. This applies to both heating and cooling, so you’ll pretty much need to do this each month of the year. Even if the filter doesn’t look like it’s clogged up, go ahead and change it: there are minute allergens that can become lodged in the mesh of the filter that your eyes can’t see, but which nonetheless can have a negative effect on your air quality.

Replacement reminder tips

To help you remember to replace the filter each month, make this task part of another monthly routine, such as paying a particular bill. Each time you replace the filter, use a marker to write on the side of the new one the date that it was put in place. This way you can easily find out how long has passed since the last filter change.

Some filters needs cleaning instead of changing

Many HVAC systems do not use temporary filters, but permanent ones. For these systems, you need to clean the filter each month. Simply remove the filter from its spot, use a garden hose on low pressure to clean it off, let it dry thoroughly (important!), and then slide it back into place.

If you need any assistance when it comes to finding the filter on your HVAC cabinet, don’t hesitate to call professionals. During a regular maintenance visit, your technician will be glad to help show you how to change or clean the filter.

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