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Here’s What Can Happen if You Aren’t Changing Your AC’s Air Filter Regularly

A part of air conditioning and heating maintenance that we stress often is changing an HVAC system’s air filter regularly. As we come to the last month of summer, any air conditioner that has a clogged filter because it hasn’t been swapped out for a fresh one can start to cause multiple problems. Below are a few of the issues your AC might face if it still has an old filter.

Higher utility bills

Think of the return air duct on a home’s ventilation system as if it were nasal passages. Air has to pass through these passages to reach the lungs. If the nasal passages are congested, a person has to put more effort into breathing. The same applies to an AC: if the filter is clogged and making it hard to draw air through the return vent, the system will work harder and raise utility bills.

Frozen evaporator coil

The warm air that enters through the return air ducts is blown over the evaporator coil of the AC, where the heat is drawn out of it. If there isn’t enough warm air flowing into the AC because of a congested filter, the coil will stay too cold and freeze moisture along it. A frozen coil will soon stop absorbing any heat at all—and you won’t have cooling for your home.

Damage to the motors

When a filter has too much debris congesting it, some dirt and dust will start to get through and spread around the air conditioner’s components. Dust and dirt on the motors will cause them increased mechanical stress, possibly causing them to burn-out. (Dust can also cover the evaporator coil, making it less effective at cooling.)

If your clogged air filter is causing problems, change it right away. Then call repair experts to fix any issue it may have caused.

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