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How a Humidifier Improve Comfort and Health in a Home during Winter

Our Virginia summers often get humid, which makes the heat much less pleasant. But during the winter the opposite problem frequently occurs: as the temperature drops, the moisture level in the air declines. This can lead to problems in a home with comfort and even health.

The best way to solve problems from low humidity if they happen in your home is to have a whole-house humidifier integrated into the HVAC system. A professionally installed humidifier will properly balance humidity levels so it’s neither too dry or too humid.

The Benefits of a Humidifier in Winter

The main advantage of having balanced indoor humidity thanks to a humidifier is that it makes it easier to stay warm in cold temperatures. When moisture levels in the air are low, it allows heat to escape from the human body faster. This is why high humidity in summer can be so miserable: the trapped heat inside a person’s body makes the heat feel substantially worse. But during winter, trapping heat like this is a benefit. When the relative humidity level is between 30% and 50%, people in your home will feel warmer by 8° to 10°.

And this increased comfort provides another huge benefit, which is that it cuts down on energy use over winter. The furnace or other heating system in your house will need to run less often when everyone indoors already feels warmer. You can save up to 25% on heating bills thanks to balanced humidity in the house.

There are also health benefits to using a humidifier. Dry conditions weaken the human immune system, making it easier for colds and flu bugs to travel from person to person. Low humidity also causes dry and cracked skin and nose and eye irritation.

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