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How Sealed Furnace Combustion Improves Over Older Furnaces

There’s never a wrong time of the year to arrange for installing a new gas furnace for your home. Whenever you notice that your current furnace is failing in its job and is past the point where repairs will do much good—or last for long—then don’t delay calling HVAC professionals to arrange for a replacement. If you have a furnace that has seen more than 20 years of service, it’s also time to get a brand-new unit. That old furnace is probably costing you too much money to run each time it comes on, and it may even turn into a safety hazard.

The advantages of a sealed combustion furnace

There are many reasons to go with a newer furnace, but one in particular is that many modern furnaces use sealed combustion rather than atmospheric combustion. What’s does that mean, and what’s the difference?

Atmospheric combustion: This is the conventional way that furnaces operate. To create combustion, these furnaces draw air from the inside of the house and mix it with gas from the burners. The air comes in through a grill on the cabinet of the furnace, and the exhaust left over after combustion is vented outside through a flue.

Sealed combustion: These furnaces draw the air for combustion from the outside of the house through a plastic pipe. The combustion chamber itself is sealed off from the interior of the house.

There are multiple reasons that sealed combustion is a better choice for a furnace:

  • The furnace doesn’t take away already heated air from the house.
  • Since the furnace doesn’t remove air volume from the house interior, cold and dry air won’t rush in from outdoors to fill the space.
  • Sealed furnaces lose much less heat during combustion, helping to increase energy efficiency.
  • A sealed combustion chamber prevents backdraft problems that can lead to harmful exhaust escaping into the home.

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