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How Your Thermostat Affects Your Heating

You interact with your heating system through your thermostat, which lets you set a comfortable temperature for your home.  There are thermostats available these days with many advanced features, which let you pull off nifty little tricks like turning the heat down when you leave for work, and then back up again soon before you come home. When they malfunction, they can seriously disrupt your ability to heat your home adequately. You need to know precisely how your thermostat affects your heating in order to know when to call your local Fairfax VA heating repair technician.

Most thermostats use a strip composed of two different types of metal laminated together. These metals will expand and contract at different rates depending upon what the temperature is. They’re usually placed in a coil with the metal that tends to expand more on the inside of the coil.  When the temperature goes up, the metal on the inside of the coil expands at a different rate than the metal on the outside of the coil. This causes the coil to unwind, which tips the mercury switch and starts the heating process. When the temperature is hot enough, the metal on the coil contracts, which turns the mercury switch off and shuts of the heater. The precise setting depends on the controls at the center, allowing you determine the exact temperature when this process takes place.

Knowing how your thermostat affects your heating means understanding what happens when things go wrong. If it can’t accurately determine the temperature or trigger the switch, it won’t turn the heat on when you need it (or turn it off once your home is comfortable). If you need repairs on your thermostat, call OASIS Heating, A/C & Refrigeration, Inc. to help. We handle all types of heating repair, Fairfax VA homeowners can depend on us, and our trained staff will work overtime to find a solution that meets your budget. Give us a call today!

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