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Top Winter Heating Problems to Watch For

We’ve reached the second half of February, and that means the official end of winter is only a month away. That doesn’t mean we can relax when it comes to heating our homes. The furnace, heat pump, or radiant heating system that provides your family with warmth has already put in a great deal of work, and this stress can mean it faltering when it comes close to the finish line. Don’t let late season repair needs go without attention! When you notice the following issues, it probably means the heater needs help—call our repair team right away.

Uneven heating

If you notice that some rooms are colder than others, or cooler than they normally are, it can point to a heater that’s starting to fail. With a radiant system, heating elements in the floor may be malfunctioning. If you have a forced-air heater (furnace, heat pump) it can point to a loss of heating output or problems with the air handler.

Delayed burner ignition

This is an issue for gas-powered heating systems, which are the most common type found in homes. Dust, dirt, and assorted grime can build-up along the burner over the winter, making it harder for the gas jets to ignite. The build-up of gas will create an abrupt “booming” noise when the jets finally are able to ignite, and this is a warning sign of the problem. The burners must be cleaned, and only professionals should handle this job.


A heating system that turns on and then turns off again a short time later, only to then repeat the process, is locked in its start-up cycle. This is known as short-cycling, and it will wear down the heater rapidly and create a string of repairs and elevated bills. Many faults can trigger this, so let an HVAC expert investigate and find out what needs to be fixed.

If you need fast heating repair—any time of the day or night—call on Oasis Heating, A/C & Refrigeration. We serve Fairfax, VA and all of Northern Virginia.

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