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Now Is a Great Time to Install a New Air Conditioning System

The temperatures are now starting to warm up as we move into spring. The air conditioning system in your home might not be doing much work yet—maybe an hour here and there during the middle or one of two days out of the week—but its heaviest period of use is coming up… soon!

This is the time when people schedule professional air conditioning system maintenance to see that their ACs are in good shape for the season. However, sometimes maintenance will no longer do the job necessary to hold an air conditioner together. If you have an old AC in your house that has started to show signs that it can no longer do its job well, you should arrange to have it replaced during the spring lull.

When is an AC ready to be replaced?

The average service life of a modern central air conditioner is between 10 and 15 years. If your system is in that range or above it, then you should start thinking about getting a new one put in. Each year that the system continues to run places it at a higher risk of breaking down when you need it the most, and it also will start to run at reduced energy efficiency. If you want to get ahead of the problem, schedule a replacement sooner rather than later. Call on a professional for expert opinion on the condition of the AC and if it still has a few more years of effective service left in it.

Other signs to watch for that will warn of a failing air conditioner are increased utility bills, extremely loud noises while operating, and excessive repair needs (two or more repairs a year, or annual repair bills of $500 or more).

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