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Protecting Your Indoor Air Quality in Any Season

Virginia winters aren’t as bad as in some of other parts of the country, but you’ll still need a heater running during a good portion of the season to stay warm. But cold isn’t the only issue you’ll run into during the season: indoor air quality often declines during the winter. Spring isn’t the only period when allergy and asthma from air pollutants pose a problem.

The trouble with indoor air in winter and summer

There’s a good reason why indoor air quality can take a dive during the winter: your house is more likely to be sealed up against the outdoors at this time of year. If doors and windows are open, it allows heat to easily escape, and this will create a tremendous waste of energy, not to mention discomfort. But keeping the home closed up to trap heat also means trapping airborne contaminants inside it, without access to the fresh air that will keep your home from becoming dusty and stale. Pollutants will start to buildup inside the HVAC system, and when the fan turns on, it will blast all those allergens, asthma triggers, and other irritants into the air in the rooms.

How to improve winter air quality

There are a numbers of installations you have put in your home that will improve conditions without requiring that you open up the house. Air filters and air purifiers will remove the irritants that will develop inside. A professional can find the right match of mechanical filters to catch large particles and air filters that will trap smaller ones. You should also consider installation of a humidifier and/or dehumidifier. Low humidity is a common issue during the winter because furnaces tend to dry out the air. But humidity can sometimes be a problem as well. Ask your IAQ specialists about which installations will best serve your home.

Since 1998, Oasis Heating, A/C & Refrigeration has served Arlington and all of Northern Virginia. We offer many different indoor air quality solutions.

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