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Top Benefits of a UV Air Purifier Today

Spring is allergy season, and a few weeks ago we wrote about the best ways to prepare for it with indoor air quality installations for your home. One of those recommendations was a UV air purifier, which uses ultraviolet radiation to eliminate a wide range of organic pollutants.

Today we’re going to look into these systems in a bit more depth and show you some of the benefits of this type of air purifier in your home. To find out more, you only need to give our experienced IAQ specialists a call today. They can answer all your questions and arrange for installation service.

UV Air Purifiers Destroy Pollutants Other Filters and Purifiers Miss

An ultraviolet germicidal lamp, which is the main active component in a UV air purifier, destroys bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms that many other types of air quality systems don’t affect. These particles are small enough to flow through all except the most thick filters (which present their own problems; see below), and many conventional ionization air purifiers won’t affect them either. The fundamental variables of UV systems play a large factor in inactivating coronavirus and other pathogens with UVC germicidal technologies. See our UV light for AC System Solutions.

They Won’t Place Strain on the Airflow of the HVAC System

There are powerful HEPA filters that can stop bacteria and viruses—but these are not suited for residential HVAC systems because they place too much restriction on the air flow through the ducts. But a UV air purifier places no resistance on air flow at all while still targeting the same pollutants.

They Help the Air Conditioner Run Better

The lamps in a UV air purifier are positioned so they bathe the indoor coil of the air conditioner with their germ-killing light. This prevents mold from forming along the air conditioner’s evaporator coil while it runs. Not only does this benefit indoor air quality, but it helps the AC run more energy efficiently and will increase the system’s service life.

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