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Some Signs That You Need Water Heater Repairs

Your home must have a working water heater throughout the year, but it’s especially inconvenient to have your water heater fail on you during the winter. Cold days without hot showers? That can feel pretty miserable.

You can always call us for water heater repair work when you need it, but we’d like to help you get those calls in early… before the water heater shuts down! Here are signs to watch for that it’s time to summon water heater repair professionals:

Water temperature fluctuations

This can go both directions: water that’s too hot or that won’t get hot enough… perhaps both, changing from day to day. Check on the water heater’s thermostat first to make sure it isn’t set incorrectly. (Most homes will have the temperature between 120°F and 140°F.) If that doesn’t solve the problem, call for professionals.

Excessive noise

A water heater that makes loud sounds like knocks, banging, creaking, rumbling, and whines may be suffering from excess sediment in the tank that is making the water overheat. The sediment could also be burning away, which creates more noise. Repair experts can flush out the tank, or find out what else might be creating the noise.

Water leaks

A small amount of water will drip from the pressure release valve on a storage tank water heater. But otherwise, you don’t want to see water pooling anywhere around the water heater tank. There are many reasons for leaking to begin, but all of them will require the assistance of repair professionals.

Discolored hot water

If you turn on a hot water tap and find a rusty discoloration in the water, it could be due to sediment in the tank or the development of corrosion. Should you notice any indication of corrosion, call for repairs immediately. If the corrosion spreads, it may mean replacing the whole system.

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