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Heating Maintenance You Need Before Winter Hits

We’re starting to experience colder and rainy weather as we head into the final month of the year. Do you have confidence that your heating system will be able to work at its best through the coming winter? No matter your answer to that question, if you haven’t scheduled a professional inspection or tune-up for your heater, now is the time to take care of it. It isn’t too late!

Furnace Maintenance

Gas furnaces are the #1 type of heating system found in homes across the country thanks to their reliability and powerful heat output. But you can’t expect to keep receiving the same high quality performance from your home’s gas furnace without an annual inspection and tune-up. Even more importantly, this yearly maintenance helps to prevent safety hazards that may occur. (Electric furnaces require maintenance as well!)

Heat Pump Maintenance

A heat pump requires maintenance twice a year, something that their owners often forget. Since a heat pump does work as both an air conditioner and a heater, it will put in twice the amount of annual labor as other heating systems. Without a fall visit from a professional to keep the system cleaned and tuned-up, a heat pump can end up having a short and energy-wasteful service life.

Radiant Heat Maintenance

If you enjoy the many benefits of using a radiant heating system for your winter comfort, make sure that you continue to receive them year after year with regular maintenance. Most radiant systems are hydronic-based, and without regular service they are in danger of leaks and corrosion.

It’s simple to arrange for maintenance for any heating system you may have: contact us and ask about our maintenance program!

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