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The Difference with Quality Professional Furnace Installation

We understand that homeowners are on the hunt for ways to save money, especially at the end of the year when finances often get a bit tight and everyone is starting to plan for the year ahead. Unfortunately, the quest to find bargains on services often ends up backfiring.

For a service like the installation of a furnace to handle the heating for the rest of the winter, you never want to go to any contractor who isn’t qualified and experienced to handle the job. And don’t even think about taking on furnace installation as a “do-it-yourself” experiment!

Why Professional Installation Makes a Huge Difference

  • Safety: We put this first because we know this is first for you as well. The most common type of furnace is the natural gas furnace, and only a licensed professional can install a gas furnace so it operates safely. In fact, in your jurisdiction it is probably illegal for anyone without a license to do the work—and for excellent reasons! Gas leaks, carbon monoxide build-up, combustion hazards . . . plenty can go wrong with a badly installed gas furnace that will put your household in jeopardy. Don’t take the risk!
  • Efficiency: Precision is important for the general energy efficiency of a furnace. A furnace that isn’t correctly connected to the ventilation system or has a poorly installed air handler can turn into a big drain on your budget each month.
  • Problems from poor sizing: A big part of furnace installation is properly sizing the new unit. This means finding a furnace with the right heat output to match the comfort needs of the house. A furnace that’s underpowered won’t deliver comfort, and one that is overpowered will waste energy as it starts to short-cycle (turn on and off rapidly). Only experts can perform the complex heat load calculation necessary to correctly size a furnace.

You can trust to the furnace experts on our staff to see that you have the best possible new heating system for your home.

Oasis Heating, A/C & Refrigeration offers furnace installation in Springfield, VA and throughout Northern Virginia.

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