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What Causes Leaks in My Water Heater?

If a water heater receives regular maintenance as well as repairs whenever they are required, it should serve a home for many years with a steady and sufficient supply of hot water. But eventually a water heater will run into problems, and one of the more common is water leaking from the tank or other connection points. The moment you see water pooling around the base of your water heater, call for a technician. The system will either need to be repaired, or in some cases, replaced entirely.

Reasons a water heater may start leaking

  • Corrosion: Water heaters are designed to resistant corrosion for many years. But age will often catch up with them, and corrosion will begin to appear across the tank. The effects of corrosion weaken metal, and leaking will start. In almost all cases, corrosion on the tank will require that the water heater be replaced.
  • Poor soldering: If a water heater received an amateur or shoddy initial installation, poor soldering at the connections will often create water leaks. This is a good reminder of why you should always call on experienced professionals when you plan to have a new water heater installed.
  • High water pressure: The water pressure inside a water heater should remain at a constant level; a component called the expansion tank helps with this. But if the water in the tank should overheat, the pressure will spike, and this can often cause leaks to spring up at connection points. Technicians will track down what caused the increase in water pressure and fix it along with sealing the leaks.

Note: The pressure relief valve on a water heater does allow some water to escape from the tank. This small drip is normal and shouldn’t cause you any alarm if you notice it.

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