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Which Is Better: Air Filters or Air Purifiers?

If you’re asking this question, it’s almost certainly because you have concerns about the quality of the air in your house. Maybe there’s an increase in illness, or the air feels dustier and dirtier than normal. Or you may have read some of the worrying statistics about air quality in homes—most of which are true.

Whatever the reason, you’re wondering if you should have an air purifier or an air filter installed. Air filters are non-powered systems that use fiber weaves to trap unwanted particles, while air purifiers are electrically-powered devices that use ionization, ultraviolet radiation, or other methods to remove pollutants.

You Can Have Both!

The question sets up a false distinction, that it’s either “one or the other.” But there’s no reason you can’t have both air purifiers and filters working in your house. In fact, a combination is often the best solution for a household.

It’s best to start with an air filter. A filter can take care of most of the larger pollutants circulating through an HVAC system: dust, dander, dirt, pollen, construction debris, dust mites, etc. As long as the filter isn’t too powerful that it will end up stopping the airflow, a filter is always a good idea for a starting point.

Whether you then need to pair it with an air purifier of some kind depends on the contaminants in your home. If there are minute pollutants such as volatile organic compounds, smoke, and bacteria slipping through the filter, an air purifier is the back-up to take care of the problem. (You don’t want a filter that’s too powerful.)

Let Professionals Find the Combo for You

You don’t have to fret about finding the right air filter and purifier. This is a job for experts who can match the filter MERV to the HVAC system and the purifier to the pollutant types. Contact us, and our indoor air quality experts will see that you have the right IAQ solution.

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