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Why Won’t My AC Keep My House Cool?

During the warm spring and the hot summer months, you’ll depend a great deal on your air conditioning system to provide comfort for your entire household. But what happens if your air conditioner is running… yet the home doesn’t feel much cooler? This can be a major problem if you have infants and elderly people living in your home. Even if you don’t, it’s an uncomfortable situation that’ll you want rectified as soon as possible.

Reasons your AC can’t keep up with your comfort demands

  • The thermostat is malfunctioning/mis-set: If the thermostat that controls your air conditioner starts to sense incorrect temperatures, or it loses its connection to the AC, the system won’t provide the comfort levels you want. Make sure you always check the thermostat first when you notice you are getting cool air, just to see that it is set and programmed correctly.
  • The air filters hasn’t been changed in a long time: The air filter for an AC needs to be swapped out for a fresh one every one to three months. (Less expensive filters need to be replaced more often.) If you haven’t changed the filter since the end of last cooling season, the clogging in the filter will severely hinder how well the air conditioner can cool down the house.
  • The evaporator coil has frozen over: Dirt along the coil or loss of refrigerant level due to leaks will cause ice to form over the evaporator coil. This makes it difficult for the coil to absorb heat from the indoor air and will lead to significant drop in cooling. Don’t scrape the ice of yourself, however! This won’t solve the core problem and it might damage the coil. Call professionals instead.

If you can’t find a simple problem behind the loss of cooling (such as a clogged filter), call for HVAC technicians to discover what’s wrong and fix it.

Oasis Heating, A/C & Refrigeration serves Burke and all of Northern VA with 24/7 emergency air conditioning repair.

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