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Why You Need to Remember to Schedule Heating Maintenance This Fall

There are a little more than two weeks left in the summer, and even though the average temperature during the day is still hot, it won’t be long before the cooler weather sets in. It’s time to start planning ahead for fall and winter with heating maintenance. September is a good time to arrange an inspection and tune-up for your home’s heating system, since that gives you plenty of time to beat out the cold weather and schedule any repairs the heater may need.

But is heating maintenance really that important?

Yes, it’s that important! It’s critical if you want your heater to perform dependably and provide you with as many years as possible of energy-saving performance. Below are only a few of the troubles that can strike if you don’t have annual maintenance for your residential heating system:

  • Higher utility bills: Each year that a heater misses its inspection and tune-up, it will lose on average 5% of its energy efficiency. In only a few years, you could be paying 25% more to heat your home than you should.
  • Frequent repairs: More than 80% of the repairs that a heating system may require during its lifetime can be stopped with routine maintenance.
  • Early replacement: Without the care of regular tune-ups and cleanings that are an important part of maintenance, a heating system will age rapidly. You might need to replace your heater many years before it’s time—and that’s as expensive a “repair” as a system might need.
  • Safety problems: This is primarily a concern with gas-powered heaters, such as furnaces and boilers. Without professional inspections, there’s a risk of a natural gas system becoming unsafe due to carbon monoxide leaks. Keeping up with heating maintenance means keeping your family both safe and warm.

To arrange for your heating maintenance in Springfield, VA, call Oasis Heating, A/C & Refrigeration. Quality assured since 1998!

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