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Air Conditioning and Heating Services in Springfield, VA

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At Oasis Heating, A/C and Refrigeration, we offer the most services to the residents of the Springfield, VA area including heating and air conditioning installation and maintenance and water heater repair. Our NATE–certified technicians have 20 years of experience repairing any heating or cooling system, so you can trust your systems will be maintained and installed using the best tools and knowledge available.

For incredible customer service and outstanding HVAC expertise, call Oasis Heating, A/C & Refrigeration today.

Air Conditioning and Heating Services in Springfield, VA

We understand how important it is to keep your heating and cooling system properly maintained and working during the seasons. Our expert technicians can assist you in having the most effective HVAC system for your home including zone control installation or digital thermostat services or heating repairs including furnace, heat pump, or radiant heat maintenance.

We also can help with additional HVAC services including fixing a noisy heating or air conditioning unit, reduce your heating and cooling costs, and improve your home’s indoor air quality.

Air Conditioning Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

During those hot Virginia summers, it’s essential for the comfort of your home to have a properly functioning air conditioning system. If your current system isn’t cutting it, then call the technicians at Oasis Heating, A/C and Refrigeration to install a new system in time for those warm months. Having a new air conditioning installation can decrease your home’s energy and fuel consumption and reduce your monthly cooling costs.

As a homeowner, it’s essential that you have your air conditioning system properly maintained to prolong the lifespan of your unit. If you can’t recall the last time your cooling system was checked by a professional, then it’s time to call an expert. Your air conditioning unit is a complex machine, and over time, dust and debris will build up throughout, leading to efficiency problems and potential damages extensive enough to need early replacement.  

Heating System Installation, Repair, and Maintenance 

Is your heating system not working as efficiently as it once did? Our NATE–certified technicians can help you choose the best heating system for your home based on your needs and budget. We specialize in installing gas and electric furnaces, heat pumps, hybrid heating systems, and radiant heat. With the proper heating system, you can have more efficient heating during the winter months, use less fuel, and save on heating expenses. And to ensure your unit is always working properly, our experts can set up routine maintenance plans for your home.

Don’t wait until your heater breaks down to give our team a call. Whether it’s early fall or the middle of winter, we can perform a detailed evaluation of your existing system to make certain it’s working just as it should. That includes an inspection, cleaning, and tune–up of your furnace, boiler, heat pump, or ductless heating system. It’s the best way to maintain the efficiency and effectiveness of your heater, whatever type it may be. We also provide heating installation, replacement, and repair for a wide range of makes and models.

No matter what type of heating unit you have installed in your home, it will need regular maintenance or repairs. Regular visits by a professional technician will help prevent larger future repairs or unit replacements and ensure your heating system is working properly and keeping costs low.

Why Trust Oasis With Your HVAC Services in Springfield, VA

While your current heating and cooling system may be working fine, trust one of our technicians to inspect your unit now to prevent any future repairs that could be costly and inconvenient. If repairs are frequent and expensive, however, you might consider having Oasis Heating, A/C and Refrigeration replace your home’s heating and cooling system. A new system will better heat and cool your home, use less fuel and energy, and let you save on utility costs. With over 20 years of heating and cooling experience, our technicians guarantee a better operating system that you and your family will love.

Call Oasis Heating, A/C & Refrigeration today.

If you’re in Springfield, VA and need air conditioning or heating system maintenance or installation, then call the expert technicians at Oasis, A/C and Refrigeration today. To learn more about our residential services or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 703–339–3877 or complete our online contact form.

Additional HVAC Services in Springfield, VA

  • Thermostats: We Have Upgrades and Other Services
    A thermostat upgrade is one of the easiest ways to improve the overall performance of your home’s heating and cooling system. The newest "smart" thermostats program themselves to maximize energy savings, and you can communicate with them through a Wi–Fi connection from almost anywhere. Call to find out more about the models of thermostats we offer, or to schedule repairs for your current thermostats. 

  • Furnace Services Include Installation and Repair
    Opting for a gas or electric furnace is a great way to ensure that your heating during the winter is readily available at any time. Such a forced–air heating system will pair nicely with your existing air conditioner, and it will also work quickly because it heats your indoor air directly. Our furnace services include installation, repair, and maintenance.
  • Heat Pump Services
    If you’re considering purchasing a new heating and cooling system, then you might want to look at one of our heat pumps. Those we install are built to last by leading manufacturers in the industry, and they are both effective and efficient because of our methods and expertise. One of the key benefits of using a heat pump in the home is that it offers both heating and cooling so that you can get year–round comfort by means of a single piece of equipment. If you’re curious about heat pumps, speak with one of our staff members today. We offer heat pump installation as well as repair and maintenance.
  • Indoor Air Quality

    It’s critically important that you and your family are able to breathe clean air inside your own home. While you may think this goes without saying, it absolutely does not, and many homes throughout the country have excessive airborne contaminants floating throughout the household. We can make sure that you have everything that you need, whether it’s whole–house humidity control, air filtration, or even UV air purification designed to destroy biological contaminants and pollutants.

  • Water Heater Services
    Not only do our technicians have the ability to install and service air conditioners and heaters of various kinds, but we also provide our customers with outstanding water heater services in the greater Springfield, VA area. From the installation of tank and tankless water heaters to their repair and maintenance, we have got you covered. Your hot water is far too important to put at risk with amateur–level "solutions." Whether your showers run cold or you’d like to reduce energy consumption with a new high–efficiency water heater, we want to make certain that the job is done right.

  • Commercial HVAC Services

    Business owners throughout the Springfield, VA area want to make sure that their spaces are comfortable for employees and customers alike, but much of that depends on the quality and reliability of the HVAC system. Unlike residential air conditioners and heaters, commercial HVAC systems are much larger, more complex, and must run just about 24/7, every day of the year. Much of that performance will ultimately depend upon the quality of its installation, as well as the repair and maintenance it receives on a regular basis. We can take care of your commercial HVAC service needs, including installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance.

  • Commercial Refrigeration Services

    If you’re in the food–service industry or you run a wine shop or a grocery store, you’re going to need some serious commercial refrigeration equipment to see you through our summer and winter months. When you consider how much of your inventory must be kept at a certain temperature, you don’t want to take any risks. We’re here to set your mind at ease. We offer exceptional commercial refrigeration services throughout the area, and we can make sure that your walk–in cooler, freezer or ice machine functions just as it ought to. Call Oasis Heating, A/C & Refrigeration now to secure an appointment.

  • Commercial Refrigerator Repair
    Working refrigeration equipment is something we often take for granted, either at home or at work. A broken refrigerator or freezer, however, can mean major problems from spoiled food and melted ice–and this is especially troublesome if you run a food service business. However, it’s not difficult to receive quality assistance to remedy the problem: call our technicians and they’ll have your equipment running again.

The Next Time You Need Heating Repair, Call Us!

The furnace, heat pump, radiant heating system, or other heater that provides a pleasant environment for your household during the winter is a complicated device. When it malfunctions, you mustn’t attempt to fix it yourself, or ask an inexperienced "handyman" to work on it. For the benefit of your comfort and safety, make sure you call on licensed HVAC technicians like ours.