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Air Conditioning Services in Arlington

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If you find that your air conditioner makes noise, won’t turn on (or off), or is just not getting the job done on those hot and humid summer days, then it’s time to make a change. Call on the air conditioning technicians on our team to make sure that you have exactly what you need to get through the summer. We can handle everything from a new A/C system installation, to a quick or complicated repair. We also offer exceptional air conditioning maintenance to keep your system in superb condition. Schedule your Air Conditioning Service today!

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Air Conditioning Replacement and Installation

If you have an old, worn–down air conditioning unit cooling your home in Arlington, VA, you may be paying too much for your air conditioning. When old A/C systems get worn–down, they’re less efficient and often have to work twice as hard to cool your home. Old A/C systems also might have trouble cooling all areas of your home or sometimes just not cool your home at all, no matter how much you fidget with the thermostat.

Oasis is trusted by homeowners in Arlington and throughout northern VA with quality air conditioning replacement  

Quality Air Conditioning Repair Services in Arlington, VA

Summers in northern Virginia can be rough. The last thing you need is a broken A/C unit that is not effectively cooling your home, or not cooling your home at all. At Oasis, we  make sure that you get the fast and effective and conditioning repair services that you need. Our team has helped Arlington area homeowners since 1998 with quality repairs and great service. We respond quickly to get your air conditioner back up and running. Call us when you’re in need of quick, friendly A/C repair services in Arlington, VA.

Common Air Conditioner Issues: Symptoms of a Bad AC Unit

Some common A/C problems show themselves as:

  • A/C not Cooling the whole home: If you’re Air Conditioning is not cooling your entire home, it could be due to clogged air filters. You’ll want to call an A/C technician immediately, because clogged A/C air filters could lead to bigger problems with your air conditioning unit
  • Frozen Evaporator Coil: A frozen coil may have come from a clogged air filter, lack of refrigerant, or poor airflow.
  • Blocked Condenser: A condenser pulls the heat from your home and radiates it outside. If you A/C unit does not have enough clearance space, it may cause you’re system to work less efficiently (driving up your a/c costs), or cause it to burn out.

No matter what’s going on with your air conditioning system, it’s always best to have a technician come our and inspect the unit so that they can diagnose the issue and inform you on what’s best for your unit. They’ll be able to repair it, or offer a solution for you so that you can ensure your unit runs effectively and efficiently all summer long!


Air Conditioning Maintenance Plans in Arlington, VA

At Oasis, we provide air conditioning maintenance in Arlington, VA. We can do one–time inspections, but we also offer regular maintenance plans that help you maximize your savings while vigilantly watching over your A/C system and its performance. When you choose a regular maintenance plan, you’re doing all you can to take care of your A/C unit and to ensure that it runs efficiently and effectively throughout the summer.

What Does A/C Maintenance Entail?

What does it mean to regularly and proactively maintain an air conditioning unit? When you choose Oasis for A/C maintenance in Alexandria, our team provides the following:

  • Full inspections: We check each and every part in your air conditioning systems, providing minor repairs and executing minor maintenance tasks as needed.
  • Recommendations: We look for small upgrades that can save you money over the long–term.
  • Programming: We may recommend a programmable thermostat if you don’t have one already. And, if you do have a programmable thermostat, we can help you enter a program that maximizes your comfort while reducing costs.
  • Forecasting: We also share a forecast for the future that includes more intensive maintenance and repairs that your unit is likely to need in the future. This helps you better plan for upcoming A/C needs.

Why Choose Oasis?

Oasis has been helping Arlington area homeowners since 1998. We pride ourselves on fast repairs, honest consultation and quality installation and replacement services. Our family–owned hvac company is here when you need us. Call us today for your air conditioning needs!