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3 Tips for Doing Air Conditioning Repair the Right Way

During one of our summers in Virginia, a home’s air conditioner will receive a serious workout. An AC here has to deal not only with overcoming high heat but also high humidity. (Although you can have a special dehumidifier integrated into your HVAC system to assist with this.) All this stress can lead to an air conditioner that needs repairs to keep it running effectively and efficiently.

How can you handle repairs the right way, so that you system is restored to prime running condition—and stays that way? Here are three tips:

#1: Check the thermostat

When an air conditioner is acting strangely, providing poor levels of comfort or not turning on (or off), then one of the first things you should do is look at the thermostat. It’s possible that a mistake in setting or programming the thermostat is responsible for the unusual way the AC is acting. It could also be a broken thermostat or a miscalibrated one. If you find that your digital thermostat is showing a blank screen or other signs that it isn’t working right, skip down to #3.

#2: Replace or clean the air filter

The return air filter is responsible for catching debris that comes in through the vents and preventing it from getting inside the AC’s cabinet where it might damage components. If you don’t clean or change the filter once a month during summer, it will become clogged and have a negative effect on the AC’s performance. If your air conditioner is struggling, make sure that the filter is unclogged.

#3: Call repair technicians at Oasis

If you haven’t found a simple reason for the air conditioning malfunction, then the best way to see that the necessary repairs are done the right way is to call professional HVAC technicians. Don’t try any more repair ideas on your own! Professionals will ensure that the job is done right.

If it is time for air conditioning repair for your AC in Arlington, VA, you only need to call OASIS Heating, A/C & Refrigeration, Inc. at 703-339-3877 to receive quality service. We offer 24-hour emergency repairs.

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