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Price vs. Quality When It Comes to AC Installation

People are always on the hunt for ways to save money, and in general that’s a wise idea. Nobody wants to waste money on something that’s unnecessary or when they can receive the same product or quality of service for less.

But the word quality is key here. Paying less to actually receive something that’s actually less isn’t much of a savings at all! And in the case of an important piece of equipment that controls the comfort of your entire household, such as an air conditioning system, inferior quality far outweighs any upfront savings.

Some Ways That a Cheap AC Installation Costs You Money

Let’s look at what a low-cost AC installation from an amateur can really cost:

  • Wrong type/size system: You can’t trust an inexperienced installer to put in an AC that’s correctly matched to your needs or the size of your house. If you have the wrong type of air conditioner, you’ll have poor comfort and skyrocketing energy bills—and the only way to fix the problem is to replace the whole system. You end up paying double!
  • Short lifespan: A poorly installed air conditioner will undergo greater stress as it works, and that means it will need to be retired earlier than it should. That’s an expensive “repair”!
  • Higher energy bills: That extra stress that wears down the AC prematurely also means a system that drains extra power. The air conditioner may very well cost 25% more to run—think of how much that will add up to over only a year!

The bottom line is that when you’re looking to have a new air conditioning system installed, going with an amateur who offers superficial savings won’t end up really saving you money. Only trust skilled and experienced professionals who’ll get the job done right. You end up winning both in the short-term (a working AC for the summer) and the long-term (an AC that lasts for many years while operating at high efficiency).

Make sure you hire only the best for air conditioning installation! Call Oasis Heating, A/C & Refrigeration in Arlington, VA.

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