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5 Tips for Gas Furnace Safety in the Winter

The gas furnace is the most common type of heating system found in homes. This shouldn’t be a surprise: a gas furnace can deliver high levels of heating and is energy-efficient. But some homeowners feel concerned that gas furnaces are safety hazards. This reputation isn’t accurate, but if you have a natural gas furnace keeping your home warm every winter, you still must take some safety precautions. Below we’ve listed 5 tips to keep your family safe this winter while you use your gas furnace.

ONE: Have Regular Maintenance Done before Winter Starts

This is the key step to taken when preparing a gas furnace for the first days of winter. Aside from other benefits we’ve discussed before, maintenance will help a furnace stay safe. Technicians will catch any malfunctions that might lead to hazards and will test for gas leaks. Schedule your maintenance visit today.

TWO: Change or Clean the Air Filter Monthly

You furnace contains an air filter that blocks debris from getting into the cabinet. Over the space of a month of steady work from the furnace, its filter will become congested, which can lead to safety issues. During maintenance, ask the technician to show you how to change or clean the filter on your own, and keep doing it for the rest of the winter.

THREE: Check on Your Carbon Monoxide Detectors

You do have carbon monoxide detectors, right? If you don’t, get them in place right away! They’re easy to find and install. If you already have CO detectors, run their self-tests to make sure they have power, and change the batteries if they don’t.

FOUR: Keep the Area around the Furnace Clear

The outside of a furnace heats up as it runs, and if flammable objects are near it they may catch fire. Make sure that nothing is stored in the vicinity of the furnace’s cabinet. Also inform any children in your household that they should never play around the furnace.

FIVE: Arrange for Repairs the Moment You Are Aware of Problems

No matter how small the malfunction may seem to you, it’s vital that you have any trouble with your furnace attended to immediately. Call on furnace repair professionals. They’ll see that the problem is fixed quickly so it won’t become a safety issue.

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