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Why Radiant Heating Is a Great Choice for New Homes

Radiant heat: it’s the warmth you feel coming off of a hot surface, like pavement baking in the sun or a glowing lightbulb. Even though it’s the most natural form of heat—it’s the type of heat the sun gives off—many homes don’t make use of it for seasonal heating. The most common kind of heating systems found in houses use forced-air to provide comfort, i.e. distributing heat through air blown out of vents connected to ducts.

The option for radiant heating exists, however. A radiant heater circulates water through pipes under floorboards, raising the temperature to send warmth up in the rooms. For homes that already use a forced-air heater with ductwork, making a switch over to a radiant system isn’t usually the best choice. But for new homes, going with radiant heating from the start provides great benefits. Here’s why putting in a radiant heating system is beneficial for new homes:

  • Highly energy efficient: Just by using water rather than air to transfer heat, a radiant system will start saving money—water is a more effective heat transfer medium and delivers comfort much faster.
  • Cozy warmth: Radiant heat feels better than gusted around heated air. Think of the toasty heat that comes from the sun in the summer—that’s the sensation you’ll feel all through the winter thanks to a radiant heat system.
  • Even heating: A furnace or heat pump sends its heated air out from vents where it then rises to gather at the top of the room. It takes time to distribute this heat evenly through a space, and it leaves cold spots in the process. Radiant heating comes up from the floor and moves in even waves through rooms, however.

To find out more about using radiant heat as part of your new house plans, talk to our heating professionals.

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