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Alexandria, VA Air Conditioning FAQ: What is That Grinding Sound?

You never like hearing it, no matter what the situation: that grating, grinding noise of machinery parts scraping against each other. This is especially true with your air conditioning: an absolute necessity during the summer in Alexandria, VA regardless of whether you’re cooling a home or a business. Whatever the cause of it, that grinding sound likely means a visit from a qualified professional to make sure it doesn’t get worse.

Grinding sounds arise when two or more moving parts come together in ways they aren’t supposed to. With air conditioning, that probably means the fan, which may have bent or broken components striking another metal section of the unit. The fan belt, too, can cause a grinding sound when loose or broken parts start rubbing up against it. In fact, any loose screws or fittings might make a grinding noise when they come into contact with other moving parts. In some situations, the piston in the compressor may fail and need replacement.

Any number of issues can cause this sort of damage, from twigs and stones lodging in the fan array to general wear and tear that may lead to a breakdown. The good news is that it announces itself fairly clearly. You’ll never mistake that grinding noise for an air conditioning unit working like it should. That usually signals a complex problem, however, which means you need a qualified technician to give it a look, rather than attempting repairs yourself. Experienced air conditioning repair technicians can likely spot the source of the trouble very quickly, and diagnose a repair plan before the noise begins to interfere with your AC’s performance.

Alexandria, VA residents can look to OASIS Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc. to get that grinding noise checked out. We make service calls throughout Northern Virginia and are fully equipped to solve any problem quickly and efficiently before it gets out of hand. Our technicians are familiar with a wide variety of equipment and we’re dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Give us a call today to talk to one of our Alexandria, VA air conditioning technicians; we’ll make that grinding sound a thing of the past and make your AC operate at peak efficiency again.

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