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Why Should I Replace My Thermostat?

It’s easy to put your home’s thermostat out of your mind. It sits unobtrusively on the wall, and you only need to manipulate it to adjust your comfort. The air conditioner and the heater seem to be working, so the thermostat must be just fine. Why would you want to replace it?

There are a number of reasons to consider an upgrade for your residential thermostat. Here are three:

1. Your current thermostat is a manual model

Manual thermostat models may get the job done, but they don’t get it done well. Manual thermostats are usually inaccurate, which will cost you money in inefficient performance from your HVAC system. They also have no features like programming that allow you to save money and enjoy better cooling. So if you still have a manual thermostat, you’re missing out if you don’t replace it.

2. Your current thermostat isn’t doing its job

You may not realize it, but your household thermostat may be responsible for comfort issues. Have you noticed certain rooms are hotter than others? Or that the AC is cycling on and off in rapid succession? Is the air conditioner not making the house cool enough? These all may stem from a faulty thermostat. Instead of an expensive repair, upgrade to a better unit.

3. You want to take advantage of new comfort control technology

There are some astonishing new thermostat models that give you an unprecedented control over comfort and energy use. “Smart” thermostats learn from your settings to create their own energy-maximizing programs. And a Wi-Fi enabled thermostat gives you the power to manipulate your home’s comfort from anywhere that you have a satellite or Internet connection.

Important: You must have professionals handle the installation for any new thermostat. They’ll make sure you have the ideal model for your needs and see that it’s hooked up correctly so you’ll receive the full benefit of the new technology.

To find out more about your options for a new thermostat, contact the team at Oasis Heating, A/C & Refrigeration. We serve Springfield and all of Northern Virginia.

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