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Does Frayed Wiring Necessitate Air Conditioning Repair in Alexandria, VA?

Frayed wiring can be a concern no matter where it appears, and usually requires the services of a trained professional to address. Have no doubts: frayed wiring definitely necessitates air conditioning repair, usually sooner rather than later.

A frayed wire can result from many conditions, ranging from normal wear and tear to friction created by a faulty connection. In the most benign cases, it can interfere with power to one of more components in the HVAC unit. In more serious cases, the frayed wire can result in a complete short, cutting power to the air conditioner entirely. The breaker switches in your home may cut off electrical power automatically in such cases to prevent further damage (or an electrical fire). The components of many air conditioning units carry emergency shut-off switches, which do much the same thing in the event of a major short.

It can be difficult to diagnose this type of problem, but a technician can usually do it by testing the wiring systematically and/or checking the component involved to see that it’s functioning effectively. If frayed wiring is the cause, he should be able to replace it with new wiring, and secure that it in place so that it doesn’t cause any further issues. Only a professional service tech should attempt such repairs; electricity is nothing to play around with. And the longer a frayed wiring is left in place, the greater the chance of a short, or of additional damage being caused.

You can call upon a trained Alexandria, VA air conditioning specialist to handle the issue instead of a general electrician. HVAC technicians understand the specific components involved, and can insure that the problem is not a part of the unit itself instead of just the wire. A general electrician can only deal with the wire itself. The experts at OASIS Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Inc. can help you with any air conditioning repair in Alexandria, VA. Call us today and set up an appointment.

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