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Are Maintenance Contracts Worth the Money?

One of the questions we hear frequently from customers is if a maintenance contract for their HVAC system is actually worth the expenditure. The simple answer is, “absolutely!” But of course, there’s more to explain. We’ll tell you exactly how a maintenance contract will end up saving your money.

Arranging for annual maintenance visits for your heating and air conditioning system (one in spring, one in fall) is an investment in your future comfort. For a reasonable annual fee, professionals will provide your HVAC system with a careful inspection and tune-up. Here are the ways this will start to payback costs:

  • Fewer repairs: Around 85% of repairs a heater or AC may require are avoidable thanks to routine maintenance. This is why maintenance is often called “preventive maintenance.” It will prevent numerous malfunctions in the future that will both cost you money and interrupt your home’s comfort.
  • Protect energy efficient performance: As a heater and air conditioner ages, the wear and tear on it will cause it to lose its energy efficiency. Maintenance significantly slows this process, and you can expect the system to retain 95% of its efficiency rating for most of its service life. This means utility bills kept under control.
  • Ensure the longest service life possible: What is the most expensive repair that an HVAC system may need? Complete replacement. You don’t want to replace either the heater or AC years too early, and maintenance is the best way to see that both continue to work for as long as they can.
  • Peace of mind: Here is an intangible reward you can’t measure in dollars and cents—but it may be the most important return on your investment in a maintenance contract. With annual maintenance, you’ll know that your heater and air conditioner have little chance of abruptly breaking down and leaving your family trapped in extreme discomfort.

OASIS Heating, A/C & Refrigeration, Inc. offers excellent and affordable maintenance contracts for your home’s heating and cooling. Call us for more details. We serve Springfield, VA and the surrounding areas.

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