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Heating Maintenance: Better Late Than Never!

Winter has arrived in Northern Virginia, and the heating systems in homes are already working away at performing their vital function keeping families warm until spring. We hope that you arranged during the fall for a maintenance visit from one of our technicians to prepare your heater (whatever type it is) for the rigors of this season.

However, if you didn’t, then it’s important to schedule the job now before winter deepens. This isn’t a task you can put off for a year and wait until fall comes around once more. Below are some reasons why “better late than never” is the best philosophy when it comes to regular service for a residential heating system.


Do you have a gas heating system in your home? If we had to guess, we would say that you do, because these are the most common types of heaters found in homes around the U.S. Although modern gas heaters are designed with an emphasis on safety, they can still malfunction and create dangers from carbon monoxide. Regular maintenance focuses on keeping heating systems running at maximum safety levels. You’ll appreciate the peace of mind this brings

Energy Savings

A heating system that misses annual maintenance will soon turn into an inefficient heating system. The loss of efficiency rating is 5% (sometimes more) every year that maintenance is skipped. You can avoid this needless rise in your energy bills during the winter thanks to maintenance—it doesn’t matter how late into the season you get it done.

Breakdown prevention

Regular inspections and tune-ups will help prevent repairs in general. The most important repair it stops is an emergency fix to get a completely failed heater working once again. Since you don’t want to be trapped in an icy-cold home on a winter night waiting for repair technicians to reach you, make sure to schedule the maintenance that will catch major problems before they start. It’s another example of how routine maintenance creates valuable peace of mind.

Oasis Heating, A/C & Refrigeration offers a heating maintenance program for customers in Fairfax and throughout Northern Virginia. We’ve been family-owned and operated since 1998!

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