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How Heating Can Impact Air Quality

When the snows fall and the weather turns cold, a good heating system can be your best friend. But furnaces and other forms of heating can impact more than the temperature: they can make a difference as far as indoor air quality goes too. Understanding how heating in Arlington, VA can impact air quality can help you avoid any problems in that arena.

The popular notion holds that heating systems dry out the air in your home, which is partially true. Air tends to be dry in the winter as a matter of course, and a heating system can only make it worse. Ideally, you want the relative humidity in the air to be somewhere between 35% and 50%. If it drops below that, you’ll feel it in your nose and sinuses: exacerbating respiratory problems and even resulting in nosebleeds in the worst cases. A humidifier can help the situation.

A more severe problem can take place if your heater isn’t regularly maintained. As dust and dirt build up in the internal components, the heater can affect indoor air quality. The contaminants will blow through your system as the furnace circulates the hot air. The particles can contain allergens and other unhealthy pollutants, which can make existing allergies worse and create irritation in the nose and throat when breathing. You can combat this by changing your air filter regularly, and by scheduling a regular maintenance session to clean the internal components in your heating system.

Because heating often involves the circulation of air, it pays to remember how it can affect air quality as well as temperature. Judicious maintenance from a qualified professional can help. In Arlington VA, heating questions can be solved by the professionals at Oasis Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Inc. Give us a call today!

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