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Is a Maintenance Contract Worth the Money?

Most quality professional HVAC companies offer maintenance programs to take care of a home’s heating and cooling system. You pay an annual fee, and in return receive two regular check-ups and tune-ups per year, one in spring for the air conditioning system and the second in fall for the heating system.

Is it worth the money to sign a maintenance contract for your HVAC system? The answer is an emphatic yes, as we’ll explain why below.

Regular maintenance saves you money in multiple ways

The investment you make in a maintenance programs returns your money in more ways than one. First, it prevents numerous repair troubles in the future. In fact, on average 85% of possible repair issues can be prevented through routine maintenance visits. Avoiding that many repairs adds up to tremendous savings.

Regular maintenance will also protect the energy efficiency of your heater and air conditioner, stopping them from draining more and more power to run as they age. With bi-annual maintenance, you can expect your AC and heater to retain 95% of their efficiency ratings for most of their lifespans.

Finally, what is the most expensive service you might need for a heater or air conditioner? Replacing it years before its time! Here is where maintenance is a huge long-term money-saver, since it will extend the service life of your HVAC system so you receive the most years possible from it.

Regular maintenance gives you peace of mind

We’ve listed the tangible benefits of a maintenance contract. Now here’s a crucial intangible one that may be the most important of all: the peace of mind that your heater won’t fail during the coldest day of the year, and that your AC won’t fail during the hottest. Going into extreme weather with this kind of reassurance is worth the cost of routine maintenance alone.

If you are looking for a company that offers a superb maintenance program for your home’s HVAC system, call on Oasis Heating, A/C & Refrigeration. We are family-owned and operated and have served Lorton, VA and all of Northern Virginia since 1998.

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