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Is It Time to Retire Your Old Heat Pump?

Fall is when homeowners should evaluate their heating systems and see if they’ll make it through another winter. Last week we wrote about this topic, asking if it’s time to replace an old furnace. But not every home uses a furnace for comfort; many opt for a heat pump instead, which not only takes care of winter comfort, but also summer comfort. We’ll take a look at deciding if the heat pump in your house is ready to retire and be replaced with a new unit.

The age of the heat pump

A heat pump does an immense amount of work around the year, keeping busy in the heat and in the cold. It therefore racks up much more working time than a standard furnace and usually won’t last as long. The average lifespan of a heat pump is between 10 to 15 years (as long as it’s gotten regular maintenance service, that is). A system over 15 years old probably should be replaced before it has a chance to start breaking down and losing energy efficiency.

Plunging SEER and HSPF ratings

Speaking of energy efficiency, when it starts to drop steadily, it usually means the heat pump is in trouble and won’t recover with repairs and maintenance. A heat pump has two efficiency ratings, SEER for cooling and HSPF for heating; HSPF is always lower. If the heat pump no longer lives up to the efficiency promises of these ratings, replacing it is the best option.

Repair after repair after repair…

Are you calling for repairs more than once a year for your heat pump? More than twice? That’s too much. Check to see if you’re paying more than $500 in repairs per year for the heat pump. If you are, it’s wise to have the system replaced.

You can rely on our professionals to help you make the choice about a replacement if you’re unsure. If you do need a new heat pump, we’ll find the ideal one to meet your needs and install it.

Contact Oasis Heating, A/C & Refrigeration in Fairfax, VA to arrange for heat pump services, including new installation and replacement.

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