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Problems with Your Air Conditioner’s Compressor

The end of summer is a period when you’ll still be running your air conditioner steadily but also have to deal with the immense amount of strain from the many months it’s been working. This is when you’re most likely to encounter AC malfunctions. The component in your air conditioner that has the highest chance of needing repair work is the compressor, which is at the core of the AC’s operation. Without the compressor, you don’t have a working air conditioner—period.

Below are some of the compressor issues that we often repair during this time of year. Keep a close watch for these and call us right away for help when you think there’s a problem.

  • Hard-starting: A compressor that’s struggling to overcome the pressure inside it to begin the cooling cycle is said to be “hard-starting.” This puts tremendous drain on the electrical power since the start-up cycle is when the compressor draws the most amps. It can also lead to permanent damage to the compressor because of the stress. Call for repair technicians if you notice the AC straining to get started.
  • Failed capacitor: The motor in the compressor receives the voltage required to start and to continue running from a set of capacitors. Capacitors can fail (often due to extended heat exposure) and prevent the motor from starting or allow it to quickly turn off. Thankfully, it’s easy for technicians to swap out the failed capacitor for a new one.
  • Shorted-out compressor motor: The motor itself can overheat and cause an electrical short to occur as wiring insulating melts off. Usually the motor will need replacement.
  • Grounded compressor: This is a major electrical malfunction due to loose wiring, and it can result in the compressor burning out because electrical power is leaping down through the compressor to the ground. The electricity will ignite the oil in the compressor, leading to failure.

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