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Three Ways in Which Your Air Conditioning Installation in Arlington, VA Can Make it or Break it

In Arlington, VA, we need our air conditioning systems to hold back the heat and humidity of summer. A reliable air conditioning system can keep your home a comfortable temperature no mate how high the mercury rises outside. That begins with the air conditioning installation process. A professionally installed AC unit will provide reliable, efficient service from the get-go. One that is poorly installed, on the other hand, will develop problems sooner rather than later. What should you look for when the time comes to install a new air conditioning? Here are three ways in which the process can make it or break it.

  • Placement: Placement of all aspects of a new air conditioning unit plays a key role in how efficiently it functions. A good installation expert will make sure the unit is placed where it has sufficient space and where nothing will block the airflow. He’ll ensure that its noise doesn’t carry such that it distracts you or your neighbors, and that the unit it is easy to access for service. He’ll won’t place ductwork in unconditioned spaces unless it is necessary, and he will set up the thermostat in a place that accurately gauges the temperature (i.e. away from windows, warm spots or other sources of heat).
  • Materials: Proper air conditioning installation uses top-notch materials to secure and fit the unit. Ducts, for instance, will be well-insulated if they’re placed in the attic, and sealed with duct mastic.
  • The Right Contractor: This is the simplest and yet perhaps the most important aspect of air conditioning installation. Does the technician double-check his work? Does he make sure all the bolts are secure, the fittings are in place, and the seals tight and well-maintained? Does he verify the level of refrigerant and ensure that it’s right for your model? Does he turn the AC on when he’s done and verify the air flow rate? A good professional will ensure that his work is done right the first time. The wrong contractor who might be operating as quickly as possible is apt to ignore some of those steps, which will increase wear-and-tear on you unit and create problems later on.

For top-notch air conditioning installation in Arlington, VA, contact the experts at OASIS Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc. We do the job right the first time, every time, and pride ourselves on professional work. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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