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What Noises Signify a Need for Heating Repair?

Many people don’t schedule heating repair until the furnace conks out entirely. Most heaters are placed in an out-of-the-way location, and we don’t think about them as long as they turn on when we want them to. But problems in a heater rarely arrive unannounced. They build up quietly over time, but there are some warning signs. Alexandria, VA has cold winters, which means that homeowners may not be aware that there’s a problem until just before the first cold front arrives. In those circumstances, it pays to spot the warning signs – or warning sounds – early. What noises signify a need for heating repair? A few of the more common sounds are listed below.

  • Grating or screeching noise. A screeching or grating noise may suggest metal grinding against metal, which happens when the blower becomes bent or misaligned. It may also come from a faulty bearing in the motor or similar motorized malfunction.
  • Rattling sound. Sometimes, older furnaces will make a rattling sound when they start up or die down. If the rattling continues when the furnace is running, however, it may indicate a loose component, or problem with the heat exchanger. If you ever suspect a problem with the heat exchanger, call for repair right away.
  • A clanging or a creaking noise. Sometimes, in cold weather, your pipes or ducts will expand and contract when hot air is introduced to them after a while. As with the rattling, it may be all right if you start your heater in the cold after a lengthy time lying idle. If it continues for a significant length of time, however, it may indicate a bigger problem and you should call a professional before a leak or a rupture develops.
  • A bumping or a thumping noise. The likely culprit is a fan belt which has become cracked or broken. Loss of a fan belt will likely stop the furnace from functioning, so it needs to be replaced as quickly as possible.

If you hear noises that signify a need for heating repair, don’t hesitate to call a service that can help. Call OASIS Heating, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Inc.  if you need heating repair in Alexandria, VA or the surrounding area.

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