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With Cool Weather Ahead, Is It Time to Replace Your Old Furnace?

It’s hard to imagine that September is almost over already! Weren’t we just in the middle of a balmy summer? But the calendar doesn’t lie, and it won’t be long until we will need our heating systems working to keep us cozy all the way until the spring arrives again.

While it’s still early fall and some summer heat lingers, you should give thought to the old furnace in your house. Now might be the best time to replace it so you’ll be prepared for anything the winter season might throw at you.

Is that furnace ready to retire?

Here are some questions to ask that will help you decide on whether you should replace your furnace:

  • How old is the system? No furnace will last forever, and once a unit reaches its manufacturer’s estimated lifespan, it will begin to decline. Some furnaces can reach 20 years, but you shouldn’t keep one around that is much older than that, as it can lead to numerous problems (such as those below).
  • Does it cost more to run than it used to? Look over your heating bills from last winter, and then compare them to the ones from the winters before. If your costs are rising, even though you’ve taken good care of the system with routine maintenance, then you probably have a system that is too worn down to operate efficiently. It’s more cost-effective to replace it with a new, more efficient system.
  • Have repairs become commonplace? On average, a furnace will need 85% of its repairs done during the last two years of its service life. When repair needs start to multiply, it usually means that the time has come to retire the unit.

Remember that getting rid of an old furnace isn’t only an issue of comfort and energy savings. It can also be an issue of safety if you use a gas furnace. If you have any concerns or want a professional opinion, have a talk with your technician during the fall maintenance session.

Oasis Heating, A/C & Refrigeration offers services for furnaces in Springfield, VA.

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